Gas Jockeys is a multi-faceted educational consulting company, offering comprehensive services and turnkey solutions to the higher education industry.

For 25 years, our CEO and managing director has been optimizing resources for the success, survival, and expansion of schools and higher education organizations.

Gas Jockeys brings personalized customer service to the Higher Education Industry!

Combined Experience

The Gas Jockeys team combines earned academic credentials with solid work experience in the higher education industry, fueling the success of the school companies with which they have worked.

All our staff members began their higher education career paths in the trenches. They have worked in a variety of positions, including:

  • Admissions Representative
  • Financial Aid Officer
  • Faculty member
  • Academic Dean
  • Student/Graduate Service Director

During their tenure in these positions, they directly enrolled, taught, retained, and placed students in record numbers, by showing them how education can facilitate the realization of their personal and professional goals.

Management History

During the past 15 years, our President and CEO has served as Campus President, as well as C.O.O, and Managing Partner. He is an accomplished expert in operational design and implementation, as well as resolution of regulatory compliance issues. His management experience has been concentrated in organizational development and compliance management, where he effectively combined strong business development practices with regulatory mandates to reach and exceed organizational goals. He has successfully launched several new schools, securing approvals from State, National, and Federal regulatory bodies.