Executive Search & Staffing

The survival of your organization depends on the quality of your staff. Good people create an environment of success.

With more than 150 years of combined recruiting experience and a solid network of dedicated recruiters, Gas Jockeys comprises one of the most powerful search and recruitment organizations in the U.S.

Gas Jockeys consistently delivers the highest-quality candidates to fill key roles in your organization.

Gas Jockeys’ staff specializes in the following areas of employee acquisition:

  • Administration
  • Contract Management
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Procurement
  • Technology and IT

Executive Search Process

Finding the most qualified people to fill a position is both an art and a science. Market leaders in several major U.S. industries choose to work with Gas Jockeys because we have the experience, methodology, and resources to meet all your staffing needs.

Recruitment Professionals

Our search professionals have earned their reputations as highly specialized industry experts. We interact in the marketplace every day, gathering and exchanging information. We know how to find the most successful performers in your field of business.

Each Gas Jockeys staff member has access to an unrivaled suite of interactive tools for researching, locating, and securing the right employee for each role. But technology is only as good as the people who use it. Before joining Gas Jockeys, our recruiters worked in their specialized fields, developing valuable contacts, knowledge of the marketplace, and an awareness of trends and issues specific to a talent search assignment.

You will be impressed by how well your Gas Jockeys’ staff member understands your business and your industry. Painstaking care and expertise is applied to meeting your recruitment requirements.

Specialized recruitment services, tailored to your requirements

Regardless of the size of your business or nature of your assignment, one Gas Jockeys professional is your point of contact for all your recruitment needs.

Gas Jockeys offers true search. We do not start with stale databases. To find the best people, we individually identify and professionally recruit outstanding professionals from your industry, anywhere in the world.

We offer:

  • Retained Search – A special search team working to complete an urgent assignment
  • Contingency Search – Many individual search assignments and ongoing openings
  • Project Search – A project team searching to fill a number of similar roles.
  • International Search – A search for candidates from other countries and for international markets
  • Advertised Search & Selection – Sometimes appropriate, when combined with thorough search
  • Temporary Executive Placements – Quality candidates to fill short-term gaps
  • Value Added Services – Including the world’s first virtual project management recruiting system, free online candidate profiling and extensive knowledge of training, development and relocation matters

Customized Employee Recruitment Plan

Gas Jockeys’ search process begins with the development of a customized recruitment plan that fits the client’s needs.

  • Learn about the client’s corporate culture and short and long-term goals.
  • Define the scope of the assignment.
  • Work with the client to create detailed description of the positions to be filled.
  • Use resources including competitor information, sources within the industry, confidential referrals, Internet databases and the extensive Gas Jockeys network to locate potential candidates.

Candidate Contact

Acting as a staffing partner to our clients, we:

  • Contact potential job candidates and outline the job specifications.
  • Present the opportunities, responsibilities, benefits, and advancement possibilities the client offers.
  • Verify the candidates’ qualifications, measuring them against the job description developed with the candidate
  • Narrow the list to the most qualified candidates, recruit them and check their references.

Candidate Presentation and Interview

After reviewing each candidate with the client, evaluating qualifications and potential, we schedule interviews with the client’s management team. If needed, we assist the client in scheduling and monitoring the interview process. After the interview, we continue our role as staffing partner, evaluating the interview results for commitment, offer, feedback, follow-up, and other considerations.

Negotiating the Offer

Once the client has decided on a candidate, either the client makes the offer, or we assist the client during this critical stage. Our services include helping mediate salary, starting date, relocation, and benefits. We also help the candidate follow through on both resigning and dealing with counteroffers.

Continuing the Relationship

After a candidate has accepted the offer and has started working, we maintain close communication to ensure that both the client and the candidate are satisfied. We have not fulfilled our role as staffing partner until the new employee begins to contribute to the organization.

The power of Gas Jockeys: Tremendous talent, unrivaled resources!