Student Enrollment

Gas Jockeys can help your school to be more effective in meeting student enrollment goals!

Gas Jockeys uses proven admissions techniques to boost school enrollment:

  • Metric design
  • Evaluate student enrollment numbers, set goals, and develop strategies to reach your goals.
  • Management
  • Optimize your resources and establish policies to encourage new student enrollment.
  • Staff training
  • Improve your staff’s customer service, financial aid administration, and teaching skills so that they attract and retain more students.
  • Marketing by the numbers
  • Improve your lead conversion rates through our results oriented marketing strategies.

Gas Jockeys reviews your school’s current practices and recommends changes that will give you the best returns on your investment in admissions, advertising, and human resources.

Often, just a few minor adjustments to process, metric management, or presentation skills can improve your enrollment metrics exponentially. The Gas Jockeys team has helped schools to double or triple their enrollment numbers from the previous year, always in complete compliance with federal regulations.

Financial Aid

Gas Jockeys can show you how to increase student numbers by;

  • Verifying eligibility for Title IV funding
  • Educating students about financial aid during the Admissions process

Offering career path advice to prospective students

Developing diploma, degree, and certificate programs in compliance with the new gainful employment rules

Establishing efficient record keeping and processing of Title IV refunds