School & Business Development

We combine our decades of experience in school academics, financial aid, operations, and business growth with our knowledge of policy, communications, and regulatory requirements to fuel your school’s success.

Gas Jockeys helps its school clients clarify their goals and align their strategies, capacities, and resources through sound action plans.

New School Development

Gas Jockeys’ New School Start-Up and Business Development planning approach blends academic, regulatory, business planning, and operational practices experience to achieve
optimal results for its client schools.

Gas Jockeys advises a school on every aspect of its growth initiatives, from business plan development to enrollment of its first student:

  • New campuses
  • New programs and curriculums that meet regulatory approval for financial aid
  • New operational policies and procedures that are both compliant and operationally sound
  • School cash flow

New Regulatory Requirements for Higher Education

Gas Jockeys understand the national educational funding reform climate. We have worked with legislators and regulators as we led similar projects during our careers in higher education. We understand the pressures education leaders face as they balance this new hyper vigilant regulatory environment with the need to achieve operational goals.

Our planning work product for school clients encompasses:

  • Organization-wide strategic planning
  • Business planning
  • Research and development of new programs with a constant awareness of regulatory changes

Strategic Planning for Schools and Colleges

Gas Jockeys tailors each strategic plan to fit the needs of our client schools. We know that no school organization has the same needs or opportunities.

We typically progress through three basic levels to arrive at a project plan. The written project plan includes a Gantt chart clearly identifying action items. Our clients walk away with clear goals, as well as a “theory of change” that defines key action items in a concise roadmap of the school’s path to success.

Our specialties include:

  • Research and design
  • Plan development and writing
  • Expert implementation, and support
  • Communications and outreach