Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Regulatory compliance is the cornerstone of a successful College business plan. Gas Jockeys offer a comprehensive approach to all of your school’s regulatory needs.

Gas Jockeys’ mission is to provide the best and most complete turnkey compliance programs for:

  • Career colleges
  • For-profit schools
  • New school start-ups
  • Non-profit schools
  • Private postsecondary institutions
  • Technical education institutions
  • Vocational education facilities

School Accreditation

Preparing for the accreditation of your organization can be a long, tedious, and complicated process. We offer accreditation preparation assistance, and help for schools endeavoring to obtain new State licensing, Federal funding, and Accreditation approvals.

Gas Jockeys analyzes a school client’s procedures and goals, and develops an effective accreditation readiness plan to meet the Standards of Accreditation of most accreditation bodies.

Gas Jockeys’ step-by-step regulatory Accreditation and Licensing preparation program includes:

  • Development and/or revision of policies and procedures, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Preparation and review of the associated documents
  • Implementation of data collection techniques

Gas Jockeys crafts customized solutions for accreditation that best fit your school company and help you realize your growth plan and business goals.

Our school Accreditation process includes:

  • Preparation of staff
  • Implementation of complete policy and procedures
  • Documentation (forms, logs, etc.)
  • Human resource education
  • Administrative tools
  • Pre-site visit checklists
  • A survey survival guide
  • Post-survey plans of correction

Performance Improvement Plans and Practice Management

Gas Jockeys understands the challenges of Accreditation and the need for a practical performance improvement plan for your educational institution.

Gas Jockeys offers a full-service approach to all areas of practice management, including:

  • Policy and Procedure manuals
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee education and training
  • Mock accreditation audits

Higher Education Regulatory Compliance

Gas Jockeys’ user-friendly processes, compliance tools, and training have assisted higher education companies and new schools nationwide to maintain their compliance with Federal and State standards and regulations.

Employee Training

Employee training is essential to maintain compliance with accreditation requirements. Gas Jockeys prepares your school staff for success by providing:

  • Regulatory in-service training classes
  • On-site pre-inspection for site-team visits
  • Post-accredited consulting services
  • Plans of correction
  • Compliance implementation for all areas of your school business

Ongoing Support for Regulatory Compliance

Gas Jockeys understands the challenges of the ever-changing college industry and the importance of Accreditation. After you have completed the Accreditation application approval process, Gas Jockeys provides ongoing support by:

  • Applying complex federal regulations to real-world situations in an easy-to-follow format
  • Updating compliance tools and processes when regulations change, and preparing schools to implement new compliance requirements

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